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A Different Kind of Data Intelligence

Data has long outgrown its reputation as obscure and intimidating. Here at TheNerve, we believe data can create real, lasting impact — all it takes is an investigative eye, insightful analysis, and engaging storytelling. From insight to execution, we bring data to life, allowing you to fine-tune business strategies and tap your market in a more powerful way.

The Nerve Approach

All of our processes involve man and machine. We use the latest technologies and techniques, and work with dedicated analysts and storytellers to reveal what’s in your data that may help you interact better with your communities.

Our Values


Timeliness is crucial to data quality. We work efficiently and effectively to help you match your customers’ demands and stay on track with relevant trends.


Insights are worthless if the data isn’t accurate, which is why it’s in TheNerve’s DNA to make sure we get things done ethically and methodically.


Communication is key to establishing strong relationships with clients. The Nerve strongly believes in being transparent, whether it’s about our processes or findings.

Our Partners

Working with a wide range of clients — from multinationals, Philippine startups, and conglomerates, to non-profit and government agencies — we are versatile.

Here are some of the companies and organizations we’ve worked with:

Data Through Stories

Apart from data intelligence, our team of experts also create compelling data narratives that show the power of data through the lens of storytelling and investigative reports.

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